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A selection of articles from recent years.

The Washington Monthly | January 4, 2011
"A Time Against Race" | When Hurricane Katrina stuck in 2005, New Orleans had a black mayor, a black district attorney, and a black police chief. The city council was majority-black, as was the local school board. Five years later, New Orleans is still a majority-black city. But its mayor, district attorney, and police chief are white, and its city council and school board are majority-white. At the center of this unprecedented transformation stands Mitch Landrieu, who last year became the first white politician to serve as mayor in more than thirty years. He did so by garnering majority support from citizens of both races—the rarest of achievements in American politics. How long can he hold it all together?

The National | July 9, 2010
"An American Ideology" | After the Iraq fiasco, neoconservatism and the "neocons" were written off and declared irrelevant. So why do their ideas still dominate debates about U.S. foreign policy?

Slate | May 3, 2010
"BS at BP" | In southeastern Louisiana, anger over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is increasingly directed at BP.

Tablet Magazine | February 16, 2010
"The Krewes and the Jews" | New Orleanian Jews have long been excluded from parts of the city's elite society, including some of the krewes and clubs that define conventional Mardi Gras. But today, two Jewish-themed krewes are helping to restore a sense of satire to Carnival.

The Atlantic | December 29, 2009
"Gumbo: The Mysterious History" | In New Orleans, the past is often more fiercely contested than the present or the future, especially in matters culinary.

The National | November 26, 2009
"Appetite For Destruction" | Terrorist campaigns always end. Why, and how? A review of How Terrorism Ends, by Audrey Kurth Cronin

The New Yorker | January 12, 2009
"Tweed Wars" | In the waning days of the Bush administration, a tawdry controversy at the State Department brings the ethos of "you're either with us, or you're against us" to a new low.

The National | October 31, 2008
"Imagined Community" | A report on the quixotic effort to transform the Arab-American vote into a political force in Washington.

The National | August 21, 2008
"Taking Aim at Goliath" | A new organization called J Street tries to break the monopoly within Washington’s influential pro-Israel lobby.