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I worked as an Associate Producer on these documentaries...

Frontline: THE OJ VERDICT (2005)
Ten years after a trial that revealed deep divisions in America, veteran FRONTLINE producer Ofra Bikel reconsidered the O.J. Simpson case and its lasting effects on the criminal-justice system, the media, and race relations.

Frontline: THE PERSUADERS (2004)
Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff takes an inside look at the worlds of advertising, branding and market research — and the impact they’re having on American democracy. Produced by Rachel Dretzin, Barak Goodman, and Muriel Soenens.

American Experience: THE FIGHT (2004)
The tale of the legendary bouts in the 1930s between Joe Louis, the African-American boxing icon, and Max Schmeling, the German boxer championed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Produced by Barak Goodman; co-produced by John Maggio. (Official Selection of the 2004 Sundance Film Festival)

Frontline: FAILURE TO PROTECT (2003)
When should a parent lose the right to raise a child? In a three-part series, FRONTLINE goes behind the scenes of one state’s child welfare system. Produced by Rachel Dretzin and Barak Goodman. (Winner of the 2004 duPont-Columbia Award.)